lok-Framework is a powerful platform specifically designed to validate all parts of the contactless mobile ecosystem.

Powerful testing environment for secure mobile services and payments

Your whole contactless mobile product can be system tested with it; or each component part can be isolated and individually tested, whether it’s the secure element, the mobile application in the phone or the mobile payment gateway – giving you greater peace of mind and confidence in your contactless mobile product.

The contactless mobile ecosystem is a complex one with many players. We recognised that for a solution to work reliably and consistently across the range of wallets, payment schemes, handsets, technologies and secure elements, a powerful toolset would be required.

lok-Framework delivers those tools.

Tools include but are not limited to:

lok··SE Test For testing applets installed on a secure element. The secure element can be tested in isolation using a tool such as the Micropross MP65, or, in situ using lok··Touch as an agent to access the secure element within the phone.
lok··PayChecker Pro For validating that a mobile handset correctly provides the functionality to support contactless payments.
lok··MPA Test For validating a Mobile Payment Application and ensuring it conforms to the relevant specification.
Simulated Cloud Based Payments platform For modelling the Cloud Based Payments ecosystem as defined by MasterCard and Visa. This allows the end-to-end testing of solutions from downloading card credentials to the mobile handset to making a payment and validating that payment against those credentials.
Visa Mobile Gateway Implementation of the Visa Mobile Gateway designed for testing. Its responses can be automated via test scripts or controlled using its web interface.

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