Our expertise

Looking to develop or adopt contactless services on mobile? Helixion has the expertise for you to succeed.

Founded in 2002, our expert team has accrued a deep understanding of the whole ecosystem for deploying secure contactless products and services on mobile. This company wide expertise comes from having developed solutions for world leading providers in the paymentPayment, accessAccess, transitTransit, ticketingTicketing and loyaltyLoyalty markets.

For any contactless service to be successful, it has to be easy to use and trusted by the user – giving a seamless everyday experience. When dealing with complex ecosystems, creating something that is simple for the user requires in-depth knowledge. After all there is a lot to get right: the technology being used (NFC, HCE, BLE), security, hundreds of specification pages, the user experience, the mobile application, the back-end systems…. to name but a few.

Helixion has a unique insight that comes from being involved at the start of moving contactless services onto mobile. We’ve created proof-of-concepts, written key specifications, delivered demonstrations and showcase applications. We then took this expertise into commercial deployments.

This insight means that we know how to deal with the complex ecosystem so you get the product and experience you want. Our “mobile focus” approach prioritises creating that experience and our flagship contactless mobile development platform, lok··MPL, means that it can be created quickly and easily.