Secure Element based Payments

By replicating the chip-and-pin model, secure elements provide a trusted and proven platform for delivering contactless (NFC) payments on mobile devices.

secure element payments

Helixion provide a complete package of consultancy, development services, development platforms and test tools. These ensure any secure element based mobile wallet or mobile payment project starts on the right path and stays on the right path.

Helixion’s development platforms hide all the complexities of delivering MasterCard and Visa payments whatever your choice of secure element – SIM, embedded, microSD or a combination. This means that you can have confidence in your solution – even before you start – as Helixion has already taken care of ensuring that it just works. These leaves you to concentrate on that compelling user experience.

Couple all this with an expertise that is unmatched, we really can get your mobile wallet or payment application to market quickly and smoothly.

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