HCE Payments

The potential of contactless payments is being unlocked. By putting the bank in control of its mobile payment strategy, HCE Payments opens up new opportunities. Now is the time to act.

Host Card Emulation

Until recently, it was not possible to bring NFC (contactless) payments to mobile phones without using a secure element. The secure element is similar to the chip in a chip-and-pin credit card. The most popular secure element to use was the phone’s SIM card. This meant that banks had to work with the SIM card owners, the mobile network operators, to bring NFC payments to their customers.

When Google released Android 4.4 in October 2013, they included a feature called Host Card Emulation (HCE). This allowed a normal application on the phone to drive the NFC interface. With the backing of MasterCard and Visa, overnight the ecosystem changed and banks could now provide a contactless payment application through the Google Play store. The need for collaboration with the network operator was removed and the bank had a more direct channel to its customers.

Helixion’s Products for HCE Payments

At Helixion we have extended our product range to support HCE Payments. This means that while HCE is a new and exciting development, Helixion is bringing it to its clients from a solid established base. By leveraging our solutions and know-how in bringing mobile payment products to market, banks can gain a competitive edge.

Helixion's HCE Payments platform is Visa Ready

Helixion provides an all-inclusive service and product offering for anyone looking to deploy HCE Payments:


When it comes to HCE Payments, one of the first questions asked is “what about security, can it be secure?” Our whitepaper, Securing HCE Payments, explains more and how we ensure that Helixion’s HCE solution is secure.

Why Helixion?

Working with Helixion to develop your HCE Payment solution gives you three crucial advantages:

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