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Case Studies

Swisscom Tapit Case Study
Developing a mobile wallet – learn about Swisscom’s Tapit development


Securing HCE Payments
Techniques and strategies for securing HCE payment solutions
The Payment Rivals
Opportunities and threats for in-store payments
The Future of Mobile Wallets
Enabling the ‘Tap & Pay’ Generation – The future of Mobile Wallets: NFC or Cloud?
Take an interest in NFC
Become top of the class in NFC – included in this useful guide is the history of NFC, how it works and an interesting analysis of how NFC and mobile work together to benefit users


Helixion – what we do
Enabling the move from plastic to smart devices

Product Details – Payment

Payment Solutions
Are you ready for the year 2020?
Host Card Emulation: Unlocking the banks
HCE allows banks to directly reach a large portion of their customer base
lok-MPL Product Flyer
Helixion’s rapid development platform for NFC Mobile Payments
lok-PayChecker Pro Product Flyer
Helixion’s tool for testing and verifying the contactless payment functionality of a mobile handse
lok-MPA Test Product Flyer
Helixion’s development and validation tool for contactless payment applications
lok-SE Test Product Flyer
Helixion’s tool for testing and verifying applets installed on a secure element

Product Details – Access / Identity

Access Control / Identity Solutions Flyer
Opening the door to new opportunities