Blog | 20 April 2016

Flexibility Without Complexity

In these blogs, we like to answer the questions that are puzzling our customers. When it comes to mobile payments, one question we get asked on a regular basis is “should I build a new wallet or integrate with my existing mobile application?”

We get asked this question because we’ve been deploying NFC Payment solutions (both Secure Element and HCE based) for a long time. We’ve seen all the options up close.

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Event | 5 April 2016

Helixion are attending the Munich Mobey Forum meeting

Helixion are attending the Mobey Forum’s Munich member meeting which is taking place from the 21st to 23rd of June.

Mobey Forum

If you would like to catch up at the event or if you are in Munich and would like a meeting, please email me on or call +44 (0) 131 225 2020.

Click here for more information on the Mobey Forum.

Blog | 4 March 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016 – What was it all about?

So Mobile World Congress 2016 is over – a mad, hectic 4 days of “Mobile is Everything”. What were the main themes this year? Well… everything! From payments to cars to virtual reality. It’s certainly been Helixion’s observation through the years how mobile technology is finding its way into more traditional sectors as the world becomes more connected. In many ways that was the key theme of #MWC16.

It’s certainly true in one sector Helixion is heavily involved – payments. There was no doubt that payments continue to feature strongly; with Visa and MasterCard both taking a strong presence on the Congress floor. There’s been a lot of talk about the “pays” over the last 12 months but Helixion found there was a definite buzz about HCE (Host Card Emulation) based payments. We’ve observed before how momentum is building with HCE. In part, as a result of banks wanting to take control over the experience they offer to their customers – this is something that the OEM-pays don’t allow. Given that Helixion specialises in putting banks in control of their user experience, we found a lot of people wanted to talk to us about the how they could make it work for them.

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Blog | 11 January 2016

Mobile payments: answering the big questions

One of the big questions in finance at the moment is “how do we get people to use mobile payments?” The arguments of “mobile’s the future” or “the kids of today will expect everything on mobile” simply miss the point. Worse, they imply that the question will somehow answer itself.

Mobile payment apps are plentiful but how do we get people using them?
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Fun | 16 December 2015

Season’s Greetings from Helixion

The team at Helixion would like to wish everyone season’s greetings and all the best for 2016!

Event | 14 December 2015

Helixion are attending the Zurich Mobey Forum meeting

Helixion are attending the Mobey Forum’s Zurich meeting which is taking place from the 29th to 31st of March.

Mobey Forum

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Event |

Mobile World Congress 2016

Helixion are pleased to announce the team will be heading out to Barcelona from the 22nd to 25th of February to attend Mobile World Congress 2016. Last year’s event attracted over 93,000 people from over 200 countries and we can’t wait to arrive at the Fira Gran Via to see what the event is offering this year.

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Event | 23 November 2015

Helixion are attending the Warsaw Mobey Forum meeting

Helixion are attending the Mobey Forum’s Warsaw meeting which is taking place from the 8th to 10th of December.

Mobey Forum

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Blog | 12 November 2015

Wearables – a novelty or a driver?

At a recent HCE Payments conference attended by Helixion there was an interesting debate about what form factor would drive contactless payments forward: mobile or wearables. One opinion was that it would not be the mobile phone but “wearable devices” such as smart bands. It created a quite a debate here at Helixion.

Wearables are definitely a hot topic. The Apple Watch was the first wearable device with real kudos. But how many people do you know who has one and how many of them actually still use it? We know a few but it seems after the initial novelty wore off their Apple Watches are now languishing in drawers and cupboards rather than being flashed about on wrists.

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Blog | 20 October 2015

HCE Payments: perspectives from across Europe

The 14th and 15th of October were busy for Helixion. We attended three very different events, in three very different cities, with three very different perspectives.

It is clear though that mobile phones are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. They not only provide us with a continuous stream of news and updates but are changing the way we connect with the world around us. Technologies like HCE Payments can only accelerate that change.

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Event | 15 October 2015

Helixion to discuss Mobile and HCE Payments at Cartes

Helixon talk HCE Payments at Cartes 2015

Helixion will be participating in this year’s Cartes event. Sharing our expertise in mobile payments – in particular HCE Payments – as part of the panel discussion on “The Digital Payment Infrastructure of Tomorrow” in the “Mobile Payments: NFC, HCE, SE, Tokenisation” conference stream.

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Event | 6 October 2015

MobeyDay, CBMP Summit and Contactless Britannia…

….the 14th of October is a busy day here at Helixion as we head around Europe.

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Blog | 24 September 2015

Only 3% of Android Users Want Apple Pay

android-payment-2015-small…but 78% would use a similar service.

We are a bit curious here at Helixion! Sometimes the best thing to do when you want to know something is ask. We did just that recently – asking Android users what they thought of Apple Pay. Okay, the 3% is a slightly cheeky attention grabbing headline. But on a more serious note our findings showed a strong appetite in Android users for making instore payments with their phone.

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News | 25 August 2015

Whitepaper: Securing HCE Payments


A fundamental requirement of any payment solution is that it must be secure.

With the correct strategies and techniques a Host Card Emulation (HCE) based payments solution can be made highly secure; protecting the valuable payment credentials contained in the mobile application from attack.

Along with INSIDE Secure, Helixion has detailed in its whitepaper the techniques and strategies needed to protect a HCE payment solution. By following these steps, the same level of confidence can be achieved in the security of a HCE based solution as one that utilises a hardware secure element.

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Blog | 12 August 2015

Warning! Contactless payments are secure

safety (1)

Contactless is the future. But just before you leave for work – go into your kitchen and rip a little bit of Aluminium foil off the roll and wrap it round your contactless debit/credit card. There you go; payment details safe and sound for the day.

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News | 16 July 2015

Helixion chooses INSIDE Secure’s MatrixSSE to enhance its lok-MPL development platform for HCE payments

Helixion and IS

Helixion is pleased to announce that it is licensing INSIDE Secure’s award-winning MatrixSSE product. This will enable Helixion to further enhance the security of its lok-MPL platform for HCE Payments – which provides support for American Express, MasterCard and Visa payments – by protecting payment credentials on mobile devices.

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Blog | 14 July 2015

Should you fear the poisoned Apple?

Snow White

Snow White learnt a big lesson that day; something that looks delicious and healthy doesn’t always turn out to be such a fun and tasty experience. It’s the same with a business decision, if it sounds like the right choice and looks simple enough to adopt – does that mean it’s the right route for your company?

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Event | 24 June 2015

Helixion are attending the Barcelona Mobey Day Meeting


Helixion are attending the annual Mobey Day member meeting which is taking place from the 14th – 15th of October in Barcelona, Spain and will be hosted by Mobey Forum members, Caixabank. This year the main themes are around customer engagement, value added services and big data.

If you would like to catch up at the event or if you are in Barcelona and would like a meeting, please email me on or call +44 (0) 131 225 2020.

Click here for more information on the Mobey Forum

Blog | 16 June 2015

Who is Top of the Map with the Adoption of the Tap?

Enjoying Success Requires the Ability To Adapt

For some people and creatures, adapting to a new environment or culture is a way of life and important for them to succeed. Suarez required a period of adaptation following his switch from Liverpool to Barcelona; a new team, new manager and new tactics. Over time the camel has adapted to its climate, their eyelashes – the envy of the likes of Beyoncé and Britney – are designed to flutter and keep the sand out of their eyes (Beyoncé might not be so jealous of the long ear hair though). The same applies to us when it comes to getting accustomed to a new technology and using it in our day to day routine; but by adapting to a new technology, you too can fit into your changing environment more easily e.g. using contactless payment to pay for a train ticket to get to work faster.

So in the contactless world – who is winning at the adoption of the tap and preparing for a cashless society?

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Event | 27 May 2015

Helixion are attending the Helsinki Mobey Forum Meeting


Helixion are attending the Mobey Forum’s special 15th anniversary member meeting which is taking place from the 15 – 17th of June in Helsinki, Finland and is hosted by Mobey’s founder member, Nordea.

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Event | 13 May 2015

Helixion are attending the Toronto Mobey Forum Meeting


Helixion are attending the first Mobey Forum member meeting of 2015  which is taking place from the 19 – 21st of May in Toronto, Canada. The meeting is hosted by Inside Secure and sponsored by MasterCard.

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News | 5 May 2015

Helixion achieve Visa Ready status for HCE development platform


Helixion is pleased to announce it has achieved Visa Ready status for lok-MPL – its development platform which delivers the rapid creation of secure contactless mobile applications including Visa-enabled cloud based payments through Host Card Emulation (HCE).

Helixion’s lok-MPL meets the Visa Ready requirements set out by Visa for its territories; giving banks a high level of confidence in our contactless mobile platform.

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News | 1 May 2015

Whitepaper: The Payment Rivals

The Payment Rivals

Visa predicts that by 2020 half of all payments will originate from mobile devices. That’s less than five years’ away. That means five years to develop, launch and establish solutions in the market.

With an explosion of new rival implementations – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Host Card Emulation, Google Wallet – and the existing secure element based solutions all competing, the challenge for those seeking to reap the benefits of mobile payments is to choose which of the rival implementations to back.

Which contactless payment solution will come out on top?

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Event | 22 April 2015

Helixion are attending Apps World Germany 2015


Helixion are pleased to announce that we are heading to Berlin, Germany from the 22nd – 23rd of April for Apps World Germany. The event is in its 6th year and will be the first Apps World event to be held in Berlin.

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News | 14 April 2015

10 Reasons to Take Part in our HCE Workshop

HCE Workshop (8)

By adopting Host Card Emulation, it provides your bank with unrestricted access to your customers, a smoother route to the contactless market and gives the same customer experience to each of your users – regardless of your customer’s mobile network. Would your bank like to find out more about HCE?

Here are 10 reasons why you should attend our HCE Workshop:

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Blog | 2 April 2015

5 Movie Quotes for Contactless Services on Mobile


Throughout the years movies have taught us valuable lessons. Home Alone taught us not to take our families for granted, The Green Mile reminded us to believe in the good things in life and nearly every horror movie ever made taught us to never leave the group and try not to trip up on thin air (they never manage it). Although there are also some bad lessons – never accept fruit from strangers isn’t that right Snow White – the majority of them end with a useful message and a quote which we can’t get out of our heads.

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Event | 27 March 2015

Helixion are attending The Mobile Commerce and Banking Summit 2015


Helixion are attending The Mobile Commerce and Banking Summit 2015 in London from the 20-21st of April. The event attracts over 150 mobile product leaders from major banks, financial institutions, wireless carriers and retailers to discuss challenges regarding customer adoption and engagement of mobile banking applications and solutions. Expert speakers include PayPal, Visa, Ikea, Barclays, BP and American Express.

Attending the event we have Neal Michie our Technical Business Development Director. To learn more about how Helixion’s mobile contactless expertise can help you or to discuss how we could work together, contact me on or call on +44 (0)131 225 2020.

Event | 23 March 2015

Helixion are presenting at The 4th Annual Payments in Banking Summit


Helixion will be attending The 4th Annual Payments in Banking Summit from the 24th – 26th of March to join industry experts attending from 12 different countries – the summit revolves around what’s happening in the ‘Mobile Payments World’.

Speaking at the event we have Neal Michie our Technical Business Development Director who will be discussing what makes a successful payment product and covering the current mobile payment market including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and various contactless technologies. Other guest speakers include Barclays, BNP Paribas, Bank Austria and Bank of Ireland. 

To learn more about how Helixion’s mobile contactless expertise can help you or to discuss how we could work together, contactme on or call on +44 (0)131 225 2020.

Event | 13 March 2015

Helixion are attending Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015


Helixion will be attending the Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015 in London from the 17th – 18th of March. Mobile money is a hot topic at the moment which is always gathering speed so we can’t wait to attend to listen to the innovative speakers, hear from exisiting players and have a chat with the attendees.

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Blog | 11 March 2015

Did You Survive MWC15?

Did you get lost a few times around the Fira Gran Via, stalked by the ‘Droids’ roaming about the halls, feel like a kid again playing with all the new gadgets and have blisters by the end of the week?

Like us, of course you did! These are just a few of the things that Mobile World Congress just wouldn’t be the same without. The Helixion team headed out to Barcelona on Sunday the 1st of March to be part of the Scottish Pavilion – ready for the week ahead and with a record-breaking 93,000 attendees from over 200 countries at the event, it was never going to be anything other than spectacular.


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Blog | 9 February 2015

March Rivals


Throughout the years we have witnessed numerous arch rivals going head to head. Let’s take the sporting world for example, the battle between The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox, the constant bickering between Muhammad Ali and the late Joe Frazier and of course it’s always a patriotic affair when Scotland plays England (in any sport).   In the technology world, the biggest battle comes from the two arch rivals that we hear about most often; Samsung and Apple. Whether it’s over the design of their products or copying features – these two just can’t seem to get along.

We wonder how Apple will react if the next big rumour is true?

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Event | 27 January 2015

Helixion are attending Mobile World Congress 2015


Helixion are pleased to announce the team will be heading out to Barcelona from the 2nd – 5th of March to attend Mobile World Congress 2015. Last year’s event attracted over 85,000 people from over 200 countries and we can’t wait to arrive at the Fira Gran Via to see what the event is offering this year. Read more…

Event | 9 January 2015

Helixion are attending the Nordic Mobile Commerce and Payment Event 2015


Helixion are pleased to announce that we are attending the Nordic Mobile Commerce and Payment event in Stockholm, Sweden on the 21st – 22nd of January.

As an event partner,  Neal Michie our Technical Business Development Director will be speaking about ‘Energising the Retail Experience with Mobile Payments’ at the conference.

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News | 2 December 2014

Helixion adds support for HCE to lok-MPL mobile platform


Helixion is pleased to announce that lok-MPL is now enabled to work with Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology. Lok-MPL is an innovative platform for payment and other contactless transactions.

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Blog | 24 November 2014

Do we have to say Goodbye to Cash?


Films, novels or real-life; goodbyes are never easy. It could be saying your last goodbye to an old friend, farewell to that old, torn up, one eyed teddy that your parents knew wouldn’t survive one more machine wash or hanging up the phone after a 3 hour phone call to your new love ‘You hang up…no you hang up’’.

Will we be saying a hard goodbye to cash? Or even a goodbye at all?

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News | 21 November 2014

Mobey Forum White Paper: HCE – Options for Financial Instituations

“As a representative of a bank, which part of developing an HCE solution would you consider doing in-house?”


Mobey Forum’s new white paper on HCE: Options for Financial Institutions, also includes a section with the results of a survey they carried out. Over 100 banks and technology/service providers were surveyed and this was one of the questions directed at the banks. The results were interesting and showed that 23% would outsource the whole project, while a further 46% would outsource for certain parts of the development. Which group do you fall into?

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News | 31 October 2014

Our views in the Sunday Telegraph – Future of Payments

Helixion are featured in this month’s technology supplement which looks at the future of the payment industry.

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Blog | 14 October 2014

Why is HCE important to #TeamNFC


If the technological challenges of deploying contactless services onto mobile phones have been solved (as we are constantly being told) – why are we not seeing more of these services in the market? Contactless services on plastic cards are becoming more and more popular – as seen by the London Underground’s move to contactless acceptance, so why not on mobile? These services use NFC in exactly the same way on mobile as they do on plastic, sounds great right? Well, this is actually where the problem begins.

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Event | 7 October 2014

Meet Helixion at Cartes 2014


From the 4th – 6th of November,  Helixion will be in Paris, France for Cartes 2014, an event which brings together the leaders of the payment, identification and mobility sectors.

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News | 12 September 2014

Helixion join the Mobey Forum


Helixion are pleased to announce we have joined the Mobey Forum, the global industry association which connects industry leaders together to aid in the development of the future of mobile financial services.

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Blog | 9 September 2014

Contactless cooks spoiling the broth?


Times Square on New Year’s Eve, a record store signing by One Direction or waiting to cross at Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing. All of these examples have one word in common; BUSY. Although they may be highly populated (and the One Direction example swamped by hysterical teenage girls) many feel the hustle and bustle adds to the atmosphere and experience. Would you still get the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling at the countdown at Times Square with a couple of hundred attendees? Or would you get the same excitement seeing the green man appear in Shibuya Square with just a few crossing with you instead of a sea of bodies getting from A to B? Not likely.

Some experiences thrive from being busy but are there some scenarios where less is more?

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News | 29 August 2014

Alpha Bank selects Helixion to develop Tap ‘n Pay mobile payment application


Helixion (Scotland) is pleased to announce that Alpha Bank (Greece) has chosen Helixion to develop their mobile payment application, Tap ‘n Pay.

Alpha Bank have been working alongside Vodafone, First Data and Visa Europe to produce a mobile payment application for the expanding market in Greece. Tap ‘n Pay’s successful pilot began in February 2014 and has now launched commercially. Users will be able to complete payment transactions instantly and securely by placing their NFC enabled smartphone above a contactless terminal to deduct funds from the Alpha Bank debit card stored within the Tap ‘n Pay application.

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Event | 26 August 2014

Helixion are attending NFC World Congress 2014

NFC World Congress
Helixion are pleased to let you know that we will be visiting Marseille, France on the 22nd – 24th of September this year to attend the NFC World Congress 2014.

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News | 1 July 2014

Swisscom Launch Tapit: the first Swiss wallet of the future


Following Swisscom’s exciting press conference today when they launched their wallet of the future, Tapit, we would like to share with you our Swisscom case study which explains how our lok-MPL technology underpins Swisscom’s ‘Tapit’ platform.

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Blog | 26 June 2014

Fairies, Dragons and NFC


Over time, myths and rumours have circulated from person to person around the globe. From Leprechauns and the Minotaur to sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, myths have been around for years and where do they originate from? Who knows. What we do know is that although these three examples are slightly far-fetched and scientifically untrue, rumours get repeated and repeated over time until people come to believe in them.

The same applies to technology. Is Facebook going to start charging users? Do more bars on your phone result in a better service? Is a smartphone camera with more megapixels better? These rumours in circulation around the tech world have been answered time and time again only for people to keep querying whether they are true or false. There have been a lot of news stories recently about the inclusion of NFC in certain products and services, so here at Helixion we would like to put to rest some of the NFC rumours:

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Event | 6 June 2014

Helixion are attending PayExpo 2014


Helixion are pleased to announce we will be attending PayExpo 2014, the event takes place from June 11 – 12 in London and is offering the latest payment news with over 2,000 attendees expected this year.

With 60 plus exhibitors attending along with a wide range of attendees including representatives from Tesco Bank, Santander and Telecom Italia, we can’t wait to travel to London to find out everyone’s news and share our latest updates and products.

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News | 19 May 2014

Our views in the Daily Telegraph – Future of Payments

Helixion are featured in this month’s technology supplement which looks at the future of the payment industry. Included are hot topics such as the future of the Oyster card, opinions on alternative payment platforms, added focus on the user experience and of course, our views on Mobile payments: is overtaking the networks the right manoeuvre?

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Blog | 24 April 2014

Why Apple, PayPal and Tesco shouldn’t put NFC in the corner


Everyone is used to using chip and pin cards and cash for payment, so it’s unsurprising that when introduced to the idea of NFC mobile payment many people think, if it’s not broke, why fix it? If that is the case, can I have your iPod, your Sat Nav and your smartphone? Don’t worry, I’ll return your Walkman, map and give you directions to the nearest payphone.

I might be exaggerating but you get my point, these products have improved our lives by making tasks quicker and simpler, but we could have survived without them and still managed what we wanted to do –it just would have taken more time and effort (and we would all definitely need to carry a rucksack).

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Event | 10 April 2014

Helixion are attending Cartes America 2014


On the 13th-15th of May 2014, Helixion is packing its bags and heading to Las Vegas for the annual Cartes America event at the Mirage Events Centre.

Similar to the other successful Cartes events that happen throughout the globe annually, Cartes America focuses on the innovative technologies around card manufacturing, payment solutions, identification and authentication solution, mobility and digital security. This year, 2,000 attendees are expected to pass through the Cartes event doors for a packed 3 day conference with speaker events, keynote sessions and a happy hour reception to end the first two days – a great chance to catch up!

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Blog | 19 March 2014

MWC14: Making a simple technology…complicated


This year at MWC14, the GSMA spent a lot of time and effort promoting the NFC factor throughout the event – and why not? NFC enabled handset owners (all 115 million of them) are expected to spend just over $48 billion using their phones to pay by 2017 (Strategy Analytics).  Services offered included the NFC badge for entry, NFC for collecting fellow attendee’s details, access to event location at NFC points across the Fira and the ability to pay for food.

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Event | 7 March 2014

Helixion are attending Cartes Asia: Speaker Slot


With another successful Mobile World Congress over until next year – Helixion are pleased to share our news that we are attending Cartes Asia 2014 on the 19-20th of March in Hong Kong.

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News | 5 March 2014

MWC14 Review

Stepping back from the sheer manic scale that is Mobile World Congress, the first thing that struck Helixion was the number of cars on display at the show – this is a mobile show after all not the Geneva motor show.

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Event | 18 February 2014

Video: Helixion look forward to Mobile World Congress 2014

Step inside Helixion’s office in Edinburgh, Scotland and hear why we are attending Mobile World Congress 2014. Come by Hall 7, Stand 7B11 to find out how Helixion can benefit your NFC mobile payment journey.

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Blog | 29 January 2014

Tap-as and Go fun for Android and Windows users at MWC14


In the lead up to the 24th of February, we are all confirming bookings, setting up meetings and briefings, ironing our suits and packing our bags (ladies, forget the heels) and ensuring everything is set for travelling to the mobile industry’s event of the year –  Mobile World Congress.

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Event | 20 January 2014

Helixion are attending Mobile World Congress 2014


On the 24th of February 2014, Helixion will be joining over 70,000 attendees in the beautiful setting of Fira Gran Via in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014, where we will be learning about all the new developments and news in the mobile world and finding out – what is the next big innovation?

Helixion are attending MWC14 to share our most recent news including the launch of our latest tool lok-PaycheckerPro which ensures reliable and consistent contactless payments, regardless of the device, by testing handsets’ NFC payment functionality.  Also, you may have heard how our technology and consultancy expertise has been a key component of the Swisscom TAPIT development – due to launch commercially this year.

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Event | 15 January 2014

Helixion are attending the Nordic Card Markets conference


Helixion are delighted to announce we are attending the 13th annual Nordic Card Markets and Future Payment Solutions conference hosted by SMi on the 20th and 21st of January in Copenhagen, Denmark. SMi have promised to examine the exciting developments within the card services and payment solutions sector in the Nordic region in the form of innovative leaders giving presentations throughout the two day event and of course, with attendees sharing their views.

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Blog | 7 January 2014

London Calling for NFC Mobile Underground Payments


In 2003 – London transport changed forever. The Oyster card was launched, allowing commuters to tap and whizz around the city on public transport easily and swiftly. Over the last decade, this has been the way to pay, with Oyster cards racking up a population of just over 60 million and counting.

Having recently visited London from Edinburgh, it’s obvious how much time is wasted waiting in queues to pay by cash for a travel ticket whilst locals whizz by with their oyster cards; the pace at which these commuters travel when going from A to B is clearly very important. As a visitor, we also require an easier and faster way to pay without having to top up an Oyster card – which we all know will result in credit lying unused until your next visit, then of course, you reach into your pocket and you’ve forgotten the card. So what can we do to make this process even easier, reliable and more importantly faster for commuters and visitors?

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News | 27 November 2013

Helixion launch lok-PaycheckerPro


Helixion is pleased to announce the launch of their lok-PaycheckerPro validation tool which ensures reliable and consistent contactless payments, regardless of the device, by testing handsets’ NFC payment functionality.

At the moment the number of handsets supporting NFC is growing at an accelerating pace – it is estimated that 1 in 3 will be NFC enabled by 2016. Helixion’s lok-PaycheckerPro platform provides an automated validation test for these handsets to confirm in less than an hour whether they can successfully support NFC payments.

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Blog | 11 November 2013

Let the NFC games begin!

Read in: Português brasileiro


Rio Carnival, Copacabana beach, football (Pelé, Kaka and Ronaldo to name but a few), Caipirinha’s, Christ the Redeemer, Samba;  just some of the things that come to my mind when thinking about Brazil, while I sit in our office in Scotland in my tartan kilt, drinking whisky and eating haggis by the bucket load. So it might seem stereotypical but you have to agree – these are the things us ‘‘tourists’’ associate with this vibrant, beautiful country. Now when Brazil is mentioned, the hot topics on everyone’s lips are of course, the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympics Games 2016.

The Olympics will be the first ever Games to be held in the continent of South America and to make sure it lives up to previous games, the Brazilian Government is planning to invest nearly £11 billion in infrastructure development.

There is still one large problem and potential headache for the Brazilian Government to battle – traffic. While they are working to increase the transport infrastructure to fit in with their busy and mountainous terrain with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT), how else can they shorten and smooth these journeys for the millions in attendance and give them an overall better experience? NFC payments. But to take it one step better – NFC mobile payments.

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Event | 21 October 2013

Helixion are attending Cartes 2013


On the 19th of November 2013, Helixion will be attending Cartes 2013 for an exciting 3 day trade show event which is committed to delivering the best of secure solutions for payment, identification and mobility. Last year was hugely successful with 19,072 visitors, 435 exhibiting companies and 172 speakers all attending from 137 countries, what’s not to be excited about this year!

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Blog | 14 October 2013

Apple is not the Grim Reaper of NFC


If you had asked me 20 years ago, what I hoped my shopping experience would entail in 2013, my response would most likely have been, ‘Arrive at the shop in my flying car/hover board/jet pack and I would complete my shopping in a mere matter of minutes with the help of a robot/computer gadget and afterwards my shopping would be transported to my home above the clouds in the sky.’ Okay so I was a fan of ‘The Jetsons’ when I was five and perhaps a bit of Total Recall (Arnold Schwarzenegger version of course), but no matter what age, in a time before Wi-What?, iThings and when terms such as Google or TiVo would be gaining you funny looks – we all had a vision of how we wanted technology to evolve. In our current generation, there is no hiding from the fact that we can’t resist a new gadget which makes our life easier – so why with NFC mobile payment, an innovation which makes our lives so much easier when out and about splashing our cash, are some so quick to kill it off?

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News | 17 July 2013

Developing a mobile wallet – learn about Swisscom’s Tapit development

Swisscom leverages Helixion’s lok-MPL development platform to successfully develop its Tapit mobile payment solution which launches later this year.

Download Case Study

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News | 3 July 2013

lok-MPL payment platform to support Blackberry 10

Helixion, the NFC mobile payment specialists, has today announced that lok-MPL, its NFC-based mobile payment platform, now provides integrated support for the Blackberry 10 mobile operating system.

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News | 2 June 2013

Helixion featured in the Sunday Telegraph

Today’s (2nd of June) technology supplement in the Sunday Telegraph is on “The Future of Payments”. This supplement reviews and analyses developments and trends in payments and the payments industry. It includes industry comment from key players – one of which is Helixion. Our piece can be found here;

The full supplement is available here;

News | 2 April 2013

Helixion announces launch of the lok-MPL mobile payments platform

Helixion, the NFC mobile payment specialists, has today announced the launch of its lok-MPL mobile payments platform.

lok-MPL is a complete multi-scheme application platform for mobile NFC payments. Already in use by 12 major banks and financial institutions throughout Europe, the lok-MPL platform is the first to enable the creation of mobile payment applications that operate across any digital wallet, any payment scheme, any phone and any secure element.

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News | 29 March 2013

Enabling the ‘Tap & Pay’ Generation

The future of Mobile Wallets: NFC or Cloud?

Mobile payment is on the verge of mass market adoption. Until now it has been easy to consider NFC as being synonymous with mobile payments but competing cloud based solutions are also being rolled out. This white paper examines whether, as mobile wallets evolve, they are truly competing or if in fact they are complementary in creating that compelling and consistent user experience that will lead to the mass market adoption we are all anticipating.

The future of Mobile Wallets: NFC or Cloud

Blog | 27 March 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013: Within touching distance

For those attending this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it was difficult not to believe that 2013 will be the year of NFC (Near Field Communications) mobile payments. But, are we really there yet? Not quite, says Neal Michie, Technical Business Development Director of NFC specialists Helixion, but we’re very close.

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Event | 21 February 2013

NFCP Global Summit March 2013

Helixion is attending the 2nd Annual NFCP Global Summit being held at the Park Inn Heathrow, London 21st/22nd March.

Neal Michie, our Business Development Director will be there as our representative. He will be attending not just as a delegate but also as an exhibitor to demonstrate to those going along how our products and services can help businesses deliver their NFC mobile payment strategy.

Event | 31 January 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013

Neal Michie – our Technical Business Development Director – is attending Mobile World Congress in February 2013.

Although we are not exhibiting, Neal is available for pre-arranged meetings so if you are going along to MWC too and would like to take the opportunity for an initial chat then please get in touch.

News | 23 January 2013

Welcome to the new

new helixion website launched
It has finally happened: the new Helixion website has gone live.

We have redesigned our website to better reflect the company that Helixion has become over its decade of growth. The new crisp uncluttered style is designed to allow you to find out who we are and what we do – easily and quickly. We will be updating it regularly with news of the exciting developments Helixion is involved in (well the ones we are allowed to talk about anyway).

News | 4 June 2010

We Won

Bicycle Race update:

Helixion was the winner of their category at the Edinburgh Cycle Challenge. We will head off shortly to pick up our Cycle Goodie bag prize.

News | 1 June 2010

Helixion like to cycle

On the back of the Edinburgh Cycle Challenge several of the team have decided to sign up for the Edinburgh to St Andrew’s bike ride.

This year’s race is in aid of Lepra. Looking at 67 miles of pedal power (Steve says he’s taking a trailer with a few beers packed!)

News | 6 May 2010

Bicycle Race

The company took an active part in the Edinburgh Cycle Challenge and managed to get everyone out on their bikes (some more than others!).

The final competition results are announced Friday 4th June so watch this space to find out if we succeeded in being the winning company in the 3-6 employee category!

News | 6 February 2010

Helixion wins British Airways Opportunity Grant

We were delighted to discover that out of 4500 entrants, Helixion was one of 100 companies to win a BA Opportunity Grant.

The main prize is 12 business class flights anywhere in the world over the next 12 months as well as 12 months free Regus Gold membership, up to 5 free cargo shipments and 12 months free subscription to the Daily Telegraph.

Whilst the prize will undoubtedly make travelling a much more comfortable experience, this award will allow us to plan more face to face contact with existing and potential clients as well as support attendance at key conference events.