20 April 2016 by Neal Michie

Flexibility Without Complexity

In these blogs, we like to answer the questions that are puzzling our customers. When it comes to mobile payments, one question we get asked on a regular basis is “should I build a new wallet or integrate with my existing mobile application?”

We get asked this question because we’ve been deploying NFC Payment solutions (both Secure Element and HCE based) for a long time. We’ve seen all the options up close.

The simple answer to the new-or-integrate question is “depends”. That would normally be a cop out but in this case it is true. As any regular reader of these blogs will know, at Helixion we don’t believe that payment is an end in itself. Payment is simply the foundation that allows for the bigger, more exciting stuff to happen.

Therefore, the answer to the new-or-integrate question depends on what you want to achieve.

If we look at the three most common options:

At Helixion we often see our customers move through the options. They start with our white-label application to learn about and pilot the technology. They then start to customise the white-label application as they tailor their product – giving themselves and their customers something unique. As a final step, they often wish to realise the benefits of integrating with their existing applications. Our lok-MPL SDK allows them to easily make this move.

This is why Helixion provides products, expertise and services that focus on mobile. If we can give our customers flexibility without complexity, they can build products and services that allow them to achieve their objectives.